Under California law, an employee's formal or informal complaints to the employer regarding unlawful employment practices (such as discrimination or harassment) is a “protected activity.” Any adverse action taken against the employee after such complaints may constitute illegal retaliation.

The law also protects employees who participate in any manner in proceedings, hearings, or investigations involving allegations of illegal discrimination. This means your employer cannot punish you for speaking to a government investigator or testifying truthfully in a court of law or at a deposition.

If you believe that you have been retaliated against or terminated for reporting discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or for participating in any proceedings involving discrimination, speak with a retaliation attorney at The Velez Law Firm, PC.

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$1,475,000 – Retaliation for use of CFRA/FMLA leave

Verdict in Hazzard v. Raley’s Family of Fine Foods, Inc., et al. on behalf of a pharmacist, who was terminated for violation of company pharmacy policies. Raley’s claimed that Plaintiff was terminated for filling prescriptions and ringing himself up (zero co-pay so no money was involved) for his severely disabled son on emergency basis after his son was released from the hospital. The Sacramento jury sided with the Plaintiff, who was able to prove that Raley’s did not terminate Plaintiff for policy violations, but for Plaintiff’s use of his medical leave in order to take care of his disabled, wheelchair bound son.

$400,000 –Physical Disability Discrimination/Retaliation

Verdict in Weyhe v. Wal-Mart on behalf of a disabled employee for Wal-Mart was subject to physical disability/medical condition discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Weyhe required additional breaks due to his physical disability/medical condition, which Wal-Mart failed to accommodate. After he opposed and complained about the medical and/or physical disability discrimination, harassment, he was retaliated against and terminated from his employment.

$105,000 FMLA Retaliation

Settlement on behalf of our client against large employer where our client, a father of 3, was retaliated against and terminated for using his statutorily provided FMLA to care for his sick child.

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