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When Employers Retaliate Against Employees Illegally

Retaliation on the job has many potential triggers and can take many forms, but according to California’s employment laws, it is illegal as an employer’s response to an employee’s lawful actions such as:

  • Formally or informally complaining about discrimination, harassment or other unlawful employment practices in the workplace
  • Reporting a hostile work environment
  • Blowing the whistle after witnessing fraud or other illegal activities on the job
  • Participating in investigations into allegations of illegal discrimination, fraud and other violations on the job of laws and regulations
  • Taking a family or medical leave as allowed by law

These and other activities by employees are considered protected activities when they are specific rights that are afforded to employees and workers according to state and federal employment laws.

For more than 30 years, The Velez Law Firm, PC, has provided California employees with information, guidance and advocacy as they seek to understand and exercise their rights to freedom from retaliation.

Examples Of Unlawful Retaliation

Moving an employee who has spoken out against sexual harassment to a less desirable office location is an example of illegal retaliation. Other examples include:

  • Demotions
  • Pay cuts
  • Denied promotions
  • Retaliatory discharge (wrongful discharge as a form of retaliation)

All these and other illegal penalties are ways in which employers often retaliate against employees. Retaliation may or may not be out in the open, but employees who experience it normally understand the messages that their employers are communicating to them. Their superiors obviously want them to be quiet and stop asserting their rights.

What To Do About Illegal Retaliation On The Job

Keeping track of what is happening is important. Getting personalized legal advice is also essential if you hope to defend your rights against your employer. If you believe that you have been retaliated against or terminated for reporting discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or for participating in relevant hearings or investigations, speak with an attorney at The Velez Law Firm, PC.

Our lawyers can advise you on ways to protect yourself from retaliatory measures. We can help you position yourself to bring a lawsuit against your employer if that becomes necessary. Above all, you deserve to understand your rights and have the opportunity to assert those rights in the pursuit of fairness and compliance with employment laws.

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