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Combatting Age Discrimination at Work

There are many dog whistles that signal age discrimination is alive and well in the workplace. For instance, it’s now common to see employment ads seeking “digital natives.” That term by definition excludes Baby Boomers and most Gen X-ers.

The tech field has a reputation for being cutting-edge and always looking ahead to the next horizon. Tech jobs attract younger applicants and may present hiring barriers for older workers to overcome.

Age alone should not preclude hiring for technology jobs

Myths abound that older applicants are harder to train and tend to resist workplace changes. In an age of Zoom meetings and working from home, staying on your toes with the newest technical skills relevant to your industry is vital for your continued employment.

Many job seekers from the Baby Boomer generation have top-notch tech skills. But false assumptions alone can be enough to prevent older, well-qualified tech job applicants from ever getting their foot in the hiring door.

Can you prove age discrimination prevented your hiring?

It may be possible to prove you were denied a job because of age discrimination, but it can be challenging. Comparatively speaking, it is typically easier to prove that someone was terminated wrongfully due to their advancing age than it is to prove they were denied the job opportunity at all. That’s because, during the course of their employment, the person who got fired had opportunities to gather corroborating evidence of instances of ageism in the workplace that support claims of wrongful termination.

If you suspect or know age discrimination prevented led to your wrongful termination or inability to obtain a position, weigh all your legal options to know how to proceed.

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