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Did Your Employer Wrongfully Terminate You?

Getting fired can be upsetting, especially if your employer gave reasons you do not believe are valid.

While you might feel like lashing out in anger and telling your boss what you think of them, it will not help your cause. It may also hinder your chances of getting a new job, as most employers look to your previous employer for a reference.

Revenge is a dish best served cold

While you should not seek revenge, you can seek justice. Taking a few days to think things through will allow you to proceed with a cool head.

You may still be able to claim even if you worked on an at-will contract

While employers can fire you without reason, they cannot fire you for particular reasons. So, if you believe they fired you for one of the following reasons, you may be able to claim wrongful dismissal:

  • Because you blew the whistle about the company’s illicit behavior
  • Because of your sex, nationality, religion, race, color, gender, pregnancy or disability
  • Because you reported harassment

You will need evidence to back up your claim, which could include things such as:

  • Video of your employer telling someone you accused of harassment they will “make the problem go away.”
  • Statistics that show how many others in your protected class the employer has let go.
  • Others your employer accused of the same thing you were fired for still retaining their jobs.
  • Fantastic performance reviews that contradict the reasons your employer gave for sacking you.
  • Emails, texts, images, videos or notes exposing your employer’s discriminatory tendencies.
  • A contract which your employer broke by firing you.

Few employers will roll over and say yes, they wrongfully terminated you. Getting legal help will be crucial to convince a court they did.

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