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Has A California Employer Discriminated Against You For Medical Reasons?

Have you been demoted, denied a raise or terminated from your employment in California because of a medical condition? You may have been passed over for promotions or delegated to undesirable office space because of your diagnosed cancer or your employer’s awareness of your compromised immune system. You may believe your employer’s actions have been wrong but feel unsure of your rights and legal remedies.

At The Velez Law Firm, PC, we bring passion and compassion to our clients’ cases. We care about protecting employees’ rights. We empathize with the indignities that many of our clients have experienced. We are here to advise you and pursue justice for you if your employer has discriminated against you unfairly because of your medical condition.

What Does Medical Discrimination Look Like?

According to the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) in California, illegal discrimination on the basis of a medical condition may include adverse actions by your employer such as:

  • Refusing to hire you or firing you
  • Failing to promote you or paying you less than other similar employees without your medical condition
  • Allowing fellow employees to harass you because of your condition

Your medical condition may overlap with a disability. For example, your employer may be required to offer you reasonable accommodations if, after an injury, you struggle with lingering disabling effects. Depending on circumstances, you and your job may be legally protected by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

We Are Here To Protect Your Employment Rights Despite Your Medical Condition

If you suspect that your medical condition or a related disability has resulted in negative consequences in the way your employer treats you, consult with one of our employment law attorneys. If we bring a winning claim or lawsuit on your behalf, you may receive economic, emotional and/or punitive damages, and possibly reimbursement for your legal fees.

Since 1978, we have delivered many strong case outcomes for countless clients of our employment law practice in Sacramento. We look forward to an opportunity to advise you as you struggle with medical discrimination at work. Call us at 916-774-2720 or complete an online form for a prompt response.